Skylife Engineering is a technology-based company dedicated to the design and development of avionics systems and new aerospace application electronic products.

The knowledge and experience acquired by highly qualified personnel of the company are successfully applied to the aeronautical and space sectors.

New tools and technologies that can be used to improve compact systems, applications and low consumption, reduction of interference, electromagnetic interference, weight and size. This contributes to saving the fuel of aircraft and to drastically reducing the environmental impact.

Business lines

On-board Systems & Mobility

On-board Systems & Mobility

  • Electronic control systems, conversion and distribution of electrical power for the most electric aircraft.
  • Systems of electronic control of primary and secondary electrical controls.
  • Electromechanical actuators. Cabin instruments.
  • Flight control systems for UAVs.
  • Air traffic management systems for unmanned vehicles.
Operation & Testing Systems

Operation & Testing Systems

  • Virtual trainers focused on maintenance personnel and cabin crew.
  • Modeling and Simulation under the paradigm Model Based System Engineering with focus on the improvement of the efficiency in the designs of aeronautical systems.
  • Technological solutions applied to the improvement of productivity, efficiency of processes and quality assurance in aeronautical production within the framework of Industry 4.0.
  • Immersive technologies, virtual and augmented reality, in the field of Training, Manufacturing and MRO of aeronautical systems


Collaborating institutions

Skylife Engineering has counted from the beginning with the support of the main regional, national and european institutions.

Entidades Colaboradoras