About Us

Skylife is an advanced tech company that develops onboard electronic systems and customised software. Our high level of specialisation in the aviation and naval sectors has helped us to come up with innovative solutions for all sectors, always seeking efficiency and sustainable development.

Our mission
is clear

Skylife is an engineering company based in Andalusia that promotes the most advanced technological design and development, based on innovation and sustainability.

We are a pioneering company thanks to our power electronics and indoor positioning systems, as well as our immersive tech applications.

We develop creative and useful solutions to modern-day challenges, and our priority is to improve people’s lives and the environment.

Our vision is to lead a technological revolution that will have a positive social impact for a more egalitarian and sustainable world.

We work for positive impact, to generate solutions of high technological value that bring environmental and social benefits.

María Ángeles Martín Prats


In 2011, we headed a pioneering project that would bring together the university environment, specifically, the High-Level Technical School of Engineering of the University of Seville, and the corporate world. Thus was born Skylife, a company that designs highly innovative technological solutions and provides services to customers all over the world from its headquarters at the Science and Technology Enclave at La Cartuja in Seville (Andalusia, Spain). The desire to value talent and promote human development motivated us to create this high-tech aeronautics startup with the goal of eventually becoming an international benchmark in this sector.

We work to develop a more innovative and efficient technology that helps to build a more sustainable and connected world. Technology with values for a better future.


Our Board of Directors

Talent and human development are the cornerstones of this project. We are a multidisciplinary team that encourages empowerment, shared leadership, innovation and creativity. We provide equal opportunities, excellence, communication and continuous learning.

Mª Ángeles Martín Prats

President and Founder

Antonio Leopoldo Rodríguez Vázquez

Director of Engineering (Coouncellor)

Víctor Murillo Miras

Line Manager - Digitalisation

Ana Belén Álvarez Agudo

Head of Administration, Finance and HR (Director)

Juan Rodríguez García

Quality, Purchasing and Production Manager

Javier Martín Prats

Laboratory Manager



We stand for talent, and our commitment to developing human potential is one of the defining traits of our company. If you’re a fan of technology and you’d like to work in an environment where creativity, innovation and shared learning are key features, don’t hesitate to consult our job openings and take the first step to becoming a part of Skylife.

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