Our team of engineers participates in R & D projects, we create the infrastructure and we develop the data reception software, in the first drone flight controlled by 4G technology implemented by Vodafone.

The drone, equipped with a data SIM, has traveled 32 km at low altitude in 25 minutes, controlled at all times and monitored remotely with Vodafone’s 4G network that also acted as a radar. The device incorporates software based on the protocol for unmanned air traffic management. This milestone has been possible thanks to the commitment to public-private collaboration between Vodafone, Junta de Andalucía and Andalusian companies. Thus, the preliminary flight tests have been carried out at the ATLAS Experimental Flight Center, located in Villacarrillo (Jaén), in collaboration with the Diputación de Jaén.

In the same way, CATEC (www.catec.aero) has been responsible for adapting the equipment that forms part of the drone, as well as the software that allows integrating the air system with the Vodafone network; and the Andalusian company Skylife Engineering (www.skylife-eng.com) was responsible for the infrastructure and software for receiving telemetry data, signal levels and position.

News Vodafone. Seville, October 20, 2017