Researcher & Businesswoman

Mª Ángeles Martín Prats. President of Skylife Engineering. Top 100 Women Leaders Spain 2015 and 2018

María Ángeles Martín Prats, president of Skylife, is a tenured professor at the University of Seville in the Electronic Engineering department and is part of the ICT-109 Technology Group research team.

Thanks to this research group, it could have a presence in the business world and engineers specialized in electronic engineering. Setting the foundations of Skylife Engineering SL.

María Ángeles is also, Deputy Director of External Relations of the School of Engineering of the University of Seville since February 2015.

There are many works and recognitions of her professional career.

Finalist of the 2013 GEDC International Airbus Diversity Award, and the GEDC Airbus diversityaward 2013 international award. In recognition of the initiatives developed in engineering, which value diversity in the technological world.

Within the European sphere, she has been European Coordinator of Universities of the European Defense Agency since 2017. Member of the Clean Sky Academy Working Group of the Joint Undertaking of the European Commission since October 2017 and of the Scientific Committee. Advisory Group of the Joint Undertaking of the European Commission since 2018.

He received the Civil Merit Medal granted by King Felipe VI on June 19, 2015.

It was chosen Top 100 most influential women in Spain in 2014, 2015 and 2018 and among the 10 most influential in the Academic and Researcher category, Women & CIA.

Referent for women in the ICT field.

In the month of April 2018, María Ángeles Martín Prats was awarded the Ada Byron Prize for Women Technologists.

The award ceremony was held on April 26, International Day of Girls in Tic.

This award may be one of those that best defines the purpose of your work.

The daily struggle, for the inclusion of women in technical degrees, whose objective is to break the existing gender gap in the field of technological study.

It is undoubtedly our professional reference, in the daily work of Skylife Engineering SL.