The company SKYLIFE was created in May 2011 to generate highly qualified employment in Andalusia and to promote the transfer of technology from the University to the industry. It was born as a Spin Off of the Department of Electronic Engineering of the University of Seville, thanks to the collaboration with both national and international companies and universities.

Since its creation, it has maintained two main lines of activity: the systems business line, which includes avionics, on-board power electronic systems and electromechanical actuators, as well as drone management; and the digitization line, which includes, from its creation, virtual and augmented reality simulators, digitization tools and digital assistants.

From an office in Triana where we are incubated, through Aerópolis, where we specialize in the aeronautical sector and grew, to the current headquarters in the scientific technological park of La Cartuja in Seville, which justifies the diversification and application of our technologies to other sectors, our experience has been very enriching.

Currently Skylife is a small innovative company with a high technological value that designs, develops and manufactures its products and services. It has innovation in its DNA and maintains a close relationship with the University.

The company’s principles align its workers and enable this talent-focused, technology-based company to have great growth potential.