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Skylife Engineering is a technology-based company focused on the design and development of on-board systems, new electronic products and engineering solutions for manufacturing, maintenance and digital training in the aerospace sector.

Skylife Engineering is extraordinarily committed to innovation, promoting it as a source of value and sustained growth.

Currently, the company has broaden new horizons towards different market segments such as the defence, naval, space, railways and automotive sector. Skylife Engineering is continuously developing innovative and state of the art technologies, being in accordance with the current challenges in the European Commission.

Line Of Business

On-Board Systems & Mobility
  • Electronic control systems, conversion and distribution of electrical power for the most electric aircraft.
  • Systems of electronic control of primary and secondary electrical controls.
  • Electromechanical actuators. Cabin instruments.
  • Flight control systems for UAVs.
  • Air traffic management systems for unmanned vehicles.


Operation & Testing Systems
  • Virtual trainers focused on maintenance personnel and cabin crew.
  • Modeling and Simulation under the paradigm Model Based System Engineering with focus on the improvement of the efficiency in the designs of aeronautical systems.
  • Technological solutions applied to the improvement of productivity, efficiency of processes and quality assurance in aeronautical production within the framework of Industry 4.0.
  • Immersive technologies, virtual and augmented reality, in the field of Training,
  • Manufacturing and MRO of aeronautical systems.


Awards and honours

Emprendedor XXI Award

Award in the Emprendes XXI category, in 2012 in recognition of our enterprising and innovative character, in the years of the company’s birth.

Top 100 Women Leaders Spain 2015 and 2018

One of the top 100 most influential women in Spain in 2014, 2015 and 2018, since 2019 Top 100 Fees. Among the 10 most influential in the Academics and Researchers category

In April 2018, María Ángeles Martín Prats was awarded with the Ada Byron Award to Women Technologist.


Sevilla Chamber of Commerce Business Award

In 2018, The Chamber of Commerce of Seville. awarded us the business award to the Aeronautical Sector, in recognition of our trajectory and growth.


Quality Policy

At Skylife Engineering we all have a common goal, to achieve professional excellence through continuous improvement of our services.

To this end, the achievement of objectives and compliance with the requirements in a timely manner is our great goal, always maintaining the innovative character that identifies us. Therefore, quality is an essential characteristic in our work system, it is a maxim that helps us improve and grow with strength and security.

We are committed to a highly qualified and multidisciplinary staff combining different knowledge in all our work teams, and it is thanks to them, it is thanks to you, that we face all kinds of challenges with rigor and professionalism.

Our capacity has no limits, our imagination has no borders.

Since the very beginning, Skylife Engineering has been supported by the regional, national and European institutions.