Technological innovation

Human development

We add talent

Skylife Engineering is a technology-based Andalusian company, born in 2011, which puts at the service of society the academic and research experience acquired by engineers trained in the Electronic Technology Group of the University of Seville (TIC-109).

Its activity is to use new technology and design tools to develop, improve and perform:

  • Avionics, mission, security and defense systems.
  • Real-time motorization systems.
  • Flight management and control systems for unmanned vehicles, electronic ground support systems and aerospace and industrial application tests.
  • Interface systems with aeronautical data buses.



Committed to a more connected and sustainable world, we develop innovative technologies for the civil and military aerospace sector, which allow us to respond to environmental and social challenges for a more competitive, safe and efficient air transport.

Skylife Engineering is also committed to a diversification in the provision of its services and products, opening new horizons to other sectors, such as defense, naval sector, space sector, automotive and railway sector.

Our values


Quality is an essential milestone in our work, with the objective of meeting the expectations of our customers, collaborators and society in general.


Customer satisfaction

Understanding your needs and providing solutions that meet your expectations, we build trust and long-term relationships with our clients




Our corporate culture is governed by a high demand in compliance with our ethical standards, and our commitments, with our customers, supply chain, professionals and collaborators.


Multidisciplinary work based on a diverse and involved team

We build our value proposition on the strengths that the experience of a diverse and multidisciplinary team of professionals provides. Our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology leads us to continuous learning by developing ways of working in which to learn, share ideas and knowledge.




We apply and promote equality policies.

We are committed to interrelations with regional companies and institutions, we are concerned about national economic growth.

We are involved at the business level to favor the growth of the country.



We encourage the reduction of electric power consumption, as well as the use of materials, noise reduction and excellent waste management.

We are committed to the investigation of the use of renewable energy and low consumption in the implementation of technology.