Industry 4.0

The technological paradigm is constantly changing, and our company accompanies it. We adapt quickly and serve different companies whose common link is to belong to industrial sectors, which need to be incorporated into that change.

“We want to be a reference in the design and manufacture of electronic equipment in the aeronautical sector.”

The generation and storage of data is the order of the day, and its use in the acceleration and optimization of production processes is key to continue at the forefront of the market.

Design and production of equipment.

Production in Skylife Engineering

In Skylife we invest in the design, development and production of different technological solutions based on electronic systems, applicable to all types of industry 4.0, although we have currently focused on the aeronautical and aerospace sector, we have projects in the naval and other sectors transport related fields.

In the last year and since our change of headquarters to the Cartuja Science and Technology Park, we have continued to implement VR (Virtual Reality) tools, working on adapting this type of technology in the training of pilots, maintenance personnel, etc., integrating simulators with Augmented Reality and remote assistance teams, in addition to working on the production of our designs and developments assuming larger orders.

Human capital

Human Capital at Skylife Engineering

Business growth is accompanied by revaluing the human capital of the company, in which our engineers and staff are involved in a high percentage in the development of Skylife, feeling like each project.

“We are implementing a matrix model in which the departments are transversal, and where those responsible for the projects acquire more responsibility. Not only do they have the function of carrying out projects, but also negotiating and being in contact with customers. What is called self-managed societies, with great control of the procedures. A model that is based on communication and trust. Hence, people are key to our organization. This allows growth that would otherwise be more difficult. Keep in mind that senior professionals not only manage, but also contribute technically in technology and innovation. This is one of our great values: to optimize the best capabilities of people in a transversal way. ”

Our president and personal and professional reference, María Ángeles Martín Prats, tells about these novelties in the Mercados.21 article.