Main objectives

    • Portable test medium for testing RF communications of the aircraft
    • Increase capacities of test and its quality
      • Being able to test the characteristics of the weather radar within the FAL
      • Beacon Detection (Beacon)
      • Radar sensitivity
      • Radar range
    • Reduction in the time required for testing
  • Early error detection
    • Avoid delays until the plane can fly
  • Time and money savings during test processes
  • Capacities for the complete test of the meteorological radar inside hangar used in aeronautical installations
  • Design and development of an absorbent hood to provide safe indoor test conditions
  • Implementation of a GUI software for simulation of atmospheric scenarios
  • Development of an electronic system to generate echo for the weather radar
  • Development of an array of antennas and RF system to generate echo that is represented on the radar screen installed in the aircraft


  • Bell attenuation capabilities tested successfully
  • RF systems tested successfully
  • Digital processing system successfully tested:
    • ECO smart
    • 6-pulse and 2-pulse beacon generation (beacon
  • Functional alpha version of the HMI
    • HMI-HW protocol in development
    • CATSBUS protocol in development

Integration phase already started