Aeronautical Application

Since the beginning of the company’s activity in 2011, we have accompanied the Aeronautical Sector with our developments.

The design and application of Virtual Simulation technology carried out by our team of engineers, in this area, has successful applications such as the computer-based immersive training system.

Skylife Engineering offers its clients the ability to recreate complex real-life processes and operations in a virtual environment using the most modern technologies of gamification, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. That is to say, simulation solutions and virtual training in 3D of multisectoral application and focused on improving the user’s learning curve.

Skylife Engineering develops tailored, low-cost solutions for virtualization of training or learning environments.

Technical specifications

  • Laptop
  • Economic
  • Multiplataform
  • Inmersive and interactive
  • Learning curve reduction
  • Simulation of physical systems

Experiences developed by Skylife Engineering in the aeronautical and defense sector.

  • Aircraft maintenance operations
  • Ground and cabin procedure operations
  • Expensive operations in military and civil transport
  • Instruction and training for system maintenance
  • Prevention of occupational hazards
  • Flight instrument procedures
  • Aircraft Maintenance Training


At Skylife Engineering, we adapt our services to different industries and according to the needs of each client.

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