Actuador Rotativo


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AEROEMA is an industrial research project in the field of electromechanical actuators for flight control systems.

The final goal of the AEROEMA project is to take a decisive step forward in developing technologies to build electromechanical actuators for applications in critical aeronautical systems that target the aircraft of the future, focusing on the concept of the More-Electric Aircraft (MEA). This project works to provide greater safety, efficiency, reducing noise, mitigating greenhouse gas emissions, and reducing the volume and weight of onboard aircraft systems and, as a result, to endow the aeronautics industry with greater competitiveness and sustainability.


Actuador Lineal Actuador Lineal


The AEROEMA project contributes to current research for a cleaner aircraft. This concept replaces secondary energy systems in aircraft (electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic) with a single optimised electrical system. The shift to a more electric aircraft entails replacing hydraulic actuators with electromechanical actuators that have the same level of safety and reliability, thus reducing weight, fuel use and maintenance and production costs.


Actuador Rotativo Actuador Rotativo


Improvements included in the design and development of the AEROEMA electromechanical actuator:

  • Low-power actuator system: a design for a twin motor with active redundancy has been included.
  • Medium-power actuator system: the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) is highly reliable, built with simple hardware to ensure high repeatability. Able to control linear and rotary actuators.

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