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Skylife Engineering is the coordinator of the project HARVIS (Human Aircraft Roadmap for Virtual Intelligent System) which belongs to the European undertaking Clean Sky 2 under the topic “Potential of Cognitive Computing for cockpit operations”.

Participants include companies in 3 EU member states, such as:

  • The National School of Civil Aviation (ENAC) in Toulouse.
  • The Italian company Deepblue.
  • The research group CVBLAB of the University of Valencia.

HARVIS aims to develop an Artificial Intelligence (AI) for the cockpit. A proof of concept on future AI in the cockpit, which will include a series of realistic scenarios where a digital assistant may assist in flight manoeuvres.



The general objective of the HARVIS project is to identify how cognitive computing algorithms implemented in a digital assistant may aid decision-making in solo-pilot operations in a complex situation. Likewise, this project will also contribute to creating a roadmap to assist the EU and the CS2 joint undertaking in their work to influence research and development funding within the next decade.

HARVIS will also have a notable impact on competition, positioning and sustainability. The developed technology will open a door to operating safe, high-performance, environment-friendly and cost-effective aircraft by better exploiting new cockpit architecture and new technologies, including available weight reduction potential.

For more information on the HARVIS project, consult the following  website or contact us here.