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Within the Project MIRFLEX, Skylife Engineering studies the applicability of enhanced vision, virtual reality and augmented reality, in manufacturing electrical products. This task entails the use of simulation tools to diagnose electric cabling, taking advantage of corporate databases.

By establishing a demonstrator, it seeks to verify the feasibility of using virtual reality and augmented reality as an electrical data mining system in digital twin technology (working order, information on tests, standards and other information that may be relevant to the operator), as well as the use of simulation and obtaining reflectometry patterns that let us identify connection problems in aircraft wiring.

The MIRFLEX Project or “New support systems for workshop operators, manufacturing engineering and training in industrial processes with real-time data mining from PLM systems” is co-funded by the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER) and by Spain’s Multi-Regional Operational Programme (POPE in Spanish), through the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI in Spanish).


For more information on the MIRPLEX project, contact us here.