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PROST is a portable flight line test set for aircraft RF transmissions, designed to increase testing capacity and quality, which enables weather radar testing within the FAL. It is noteworthy for radar sensitivity and range, thus saving time and money in testing processes.


  • Capacity for full weather radar testing in aircraft hangars.
  • Design and development of an absorbent hood for safe interior testing conditions.
  • Implementing GUI software to simulate weather scenarios.
  • Development of an electronic system to generate echoes for the weather radar.
  • Developing an antenna array and RF system for echo generation that is displayed on the onboard radar screen.
  • Successfully tested radar attenuation in absorbent hoods.
  • Successfully tested RF systems.
  • Successfully tested digital processing system.
  • Functional alpha version of the HMI.


For more information on the PROST, project, contact us here.