Project TOKAMAK SMART takes part in the manufacturing and start of a fusion reactor of plasma particles, which goal is to produce huge amounts of energy without the usage of non-renewables fuel.

Skylife Engineering as a player on having a more sustainable world, participates on this project as one of the principal stakeholders, taking over of the design and manufacturing of the magnetic field coils, the microwave system and the power supply of the TOKAMAK SMART.

El coils system is made by 3 subsystems, designs to create and control the plasma flow inside the vacuum vessel. More than 3.000 kgs of high conductivity cooper will made up the coils system.

The microwave system of 6kW and 2,45 GHz acts as a booster in the process to generate plasma inside the vessel.

The power supply system will be formed by 5 different equipment, connected to the coils system to generate and control the plasma flow. The electric pulses are generated by supercapacitors.

The proposed infrastructure will allow to develop in Andalucía a wide array of investigation paths in plasma and fusion technology, representing an important contribution to ITER project and the European fusion strategy.

You can request further information or an estimate here.

The project is funded by EU, within the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) for the development of infrastructures and R&D equipment.