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Virtual Simulators

Virtual simulation for training

Virtual simulation solution to train or learn about new processes through digitalization and virtual reality. Discover an immersive solution that allows you to train your staff in a safe environment and shortening the learning curve.

All the benefits of hands-on field training in a safe and immersive environment

Immersive experience with full-scale 3D models and environments

Shortening the learning curve and increased retention of information

Continuous assesment and measurable results for certifications

Safe environment for hazardous activities or procedures

Customizable and 100% adaptable to all types of needs

Multi-purpose and multi-platform solution, saving time and investmen

Capability to integrate real systems and 3D models generated in the main sistems of the market

Extreme optimization service of 3D models to improve the performances of the final training solution

Possible applications of virtual simulation for training and education

Aerospace industry

Training of operators and pilots. Creation of operation manuals.

Industry 4.0

Training of complex operations in a safe environment and without the need to stop production

Defence and military

Virtual simulation to train complex or dangerous operations in a safe and controlled environment

Vocational Education

Digital and immersive simulation to improve retention and the learning curve in training in any sector

Real Projects and Success Stories

Virtual Trainer

Virtual simulators

Support for Airbus in the development of their own Virtual Simulator with the capability for multipurpose training of pilots and mechanics

Emplea Solar

Virtual simulators

Employability and training platform for the photovoltaic sector.

Virtual simulation for training in the Oil & Gas sector

Virtual simulators

Multi-platform simulator for refinery design support and operations training

Virtual OSH, training in Occupational safety and health with Virtual Reality

Virtual simulators

Virtual Simulation Platform for industrial environments

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Skylife Engineering S. L. is an Andalusian company that develops technological innovation with a high specialization in aerospace engineering applied to the aviation industry and other sectors, with the aim of offering solutions with a positive impact on society.

Calle Américo Vespucio, 5 Bloque 1 Local A 8-12
41092 Sevilla (España)

+34 955 26 03 04
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