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Mini-Multi Interface Box Simulator

Programmable, portable and small-sized device to facilitate ground tests in aeronautics or simulations in industrial environments. It allows emulating or reading the main protocols of embedded systems.

Tests and trials of on-board systems simulating inputs and outputs with the main aeronautical interfaces and protocols

Emulates any electronic system on board, simulating inputs and outputs following the logic and the  protocol

Programmable, both in python and with a simple and intuitive graphical interface, allowing infinite possibilities

Integrates many protocols, including the most common in aeronautics: ARINC-429, MIL-1553, AFDX, CAN, RS-422 and analog and digital I/O

Execution and analysis of complex tests and simulations remotely

Integration of several test and simulation systems into a sigle, very small and portable system.

Reduce time and cost, accelerating the impelmentation of tests and simulations

Possible applications of MMIBS as a test device

Ground tests in aeronautics

Ground tests on aircraft without the need for large equipment or facilities.

Testing of electronic systems

Checking the operation of any electronic system with the simulation of inputs and outputs.

On-board equipment tests

Testing and simulation of on-board equipment in the aeronautical sector with a single device.

Simulation of real situations

Simulations of real situations with simulated inputs and outputs in a test environment.



  • 1x MIL-STD-1553 dual redundant bus (bus A, bus B).

  • 8x ARINC 429 Tx & Rx channels

  • 2x CAN Bus

  • 1x Redundant AFDX

  • 1x Serial RS-422 up to 4Mbps

  • 8x Analog Inputs (±10v, 1MSPS). 8x Single-ended/4x Differential

  • 4x Analog Outputs (±10v) with RVDT capabilities

  • 8x Discrete Outputs (28V/OPEN, OPEN/GND)

  • 8x Discrete Inputs (28V/OPEN, OPEN/GND)


  • MIL-DTL-38999 III

    ARINC 429, MIL-STD-1553, CAN Bus, RS-422

  • MIL-DTL-38999 III

    Analog Inputs/Outputs, Discrete Inputs/Outputs

  • 2x RJ-45:


  • 4x USB type A:


  • USB type B:


  • HDMI:

    HDMI output


  • Dimensiones:

    131 x 126 x 118 mm

  • Peso:

    1400 ± 100 gr

  • Cuerpo:

    Aluminio anodizado

  • Protección:


Top view

Front view

Rear view

Programmable according to your needs

Configure all the simulations and tests you want with Python or using a practical and intuitive graphical interface.

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Calle Américo Vespucio, 5 Bloque 1 Local A 8-12
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+34 955 26 03 04
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