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We stand for talent, and our commitment to developing human potential is one of the defining traits of our company. If you’re a fan of technology and you’d like to work in an environment where creativity, innovation and shared learning are key aspects, don’t hesitate to consult our job offers and take the first step to becoming a part of Skylife.

Flexible working day

We promote a healthy work-life balance

We prioritise a good work environment

23 days of paid leave

We value commitment and proactivity

Camaraderie and teamwork

Continuous learning and personal growth

Innovation and technological projects


Our company is characterised by a work methodology based on self-management. We value our staff’s independence and sense of responsibility to handle their tasks. There are cross-departmental groups that share and communicate information on progress made in the projects which constitute the company core.

We value an efficient use of time and available resources. Therefore, it is important to identify the tasks to be conducted and to set delivery deadlines in order to finish tasks in a timely manner.

At Skylife, we have a flexible working day. We seek to provide greater employee independence for managing deadlines, promoting a healthy work-life balance, and we also offer the possibility of remote working.

We work from Monday to Thursday, between 8:00-18:00 (8 hours daily), with a 30-minute flexibility for logging in and out, and a lunch break of one hour. On Fridays and in summer, we follow an unbroken working schedule between 8:00-15:00 (7 hours daily), and a flexible entry and exit of up to 30 minutes.

We prioritise the promotion and creation of a good work environment with rules to be followed regarding the use of the facilities. Likewise, we deem it important to maintain our dedication to the company during working hours and to show respect, fairness and integrity within the work environment and in our relationships with our work colleagues. Respecting the confidential nature of company information and to limit its use to the scope of our work is an essential requirement for all Skylife workers.

In an attentive, flexible and transparent manner.

The platforms that we use in our work include Nextcloud, Personio, Microsoft Teams, Redmine and Openvpn.

All Skylife staff and interns are entitled to 23 days of paid leave, plus one day’s worth of time for dealing with personal issues.

As stipulated by Royal Decree-Law 8/2019, of 8 March, on urgent measures to ensure equal treatment and opportunities for men and women in employment and occupation, which entered into force on 8 March 2019, it is compulsory for companies to maintain a record of the work performed by their employees. Therefore, it is compulsory for employees to log in and log out at work. Pauses for breakfast do not need to be logged provided the legal limit of 25 minutes is respected. Lunch breaks, however, must be logged.

Commitment, discipline and personal integrity.

Prudence, the ability to make a reasonable assessment of the risks involved in a project and the ability to take them into account in order to avoid unnecessary damage.

Modesty and humility, in acknowledging our limitations, and to always have a critical outlook.

Perseverance, curiosity, dedication, efforts, and motivation to take on challenges. Continuous improvement.

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