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How to take advantage of Indoor People Guidance Technologies?

07 September 2023

The world of technology is advancing by leaps and bounds, and one of the fields that has experienced significant growth is the location of assets and indoor people guidance. In this article, we will explore what this technology entails and how it can be used to enhance accessibility and user experience in a wide range of environments.

What is indoor people guidance?

Indoor people guidance refers to the ability to provide orientation and direction within buildings and enclosed spaces where conventional location methods (GPS) do not work due to lack of coverage. This is achieved through the use of indoor location technologies such as WiFi, Bluetooth, Ultra Wide Band, or Sileme. Precisely, the latter technology stands out from the others for addressing reliability, accuracy, and performance issues that often arise with other technologies.

Indoor people guidance solutions work thanks to three basic elements:

  • An indoor location and positioning technology that maps the facility and serves as support for locating devices.
  • Mobile devices that inquire with the location technology about their whereabouts to be able to position themselves on the map.
  • Location software and a smartphone application that transforms the received information to locate the user on a map of the facilities and guide them through various points of interest.

Key advantages of indoor people guidance

One of the main benefits of indoor people guidance is its ability to improve accessibility, especially for blind or visually impaired individuals, in unfamiliar environments such as hospitals or public buildings.

In addition, there are many other advantages of indoor people guidance:

  • Helping visitors and customers find their destination in real-time without wasting time or giving up on their attempt.
  • Reducing stress due to potential customer time loss by allowing them to focus solely on their goal.
  • Reducing signage costs and providing a more flexible, modern, and dynamic solution.
  • Defining special routes for people with reduced mobility.
  • Enabling blind or visually impaired individuals to navigate unfamiliar environments with the necessary precision and useful instructions.
  • Increasing profitability through geolocated notifications and promotions.
  • Obtaining geoposition analytics and heatmaps that allow you to make data-driven strategic decisions.

Many possibilities for use

Let's look at some of the ways indoor people guidance can be leveraged in different industries and environments:

  1. Retail: In stores and shopping malls, indoor people guidance can help customers find specific products, learn about special offers, and enhance the shopping experience.
  2. Healthcare: In medical settings, this technology can direct patients to their destinations, reducing confusion and improving efficiency in hospitals.
  3. Leisure and entertainment: In theme parks and museums, indoor guidance provides an enriched experience for visitors, offering relevant information about exhibits and attractions.
  4. Public buildings: In government and municipal buildings, indoor people guidance can help citizens navigate complex structures and find the services they need.
    Trade shows and events: At massive events like fairs and conferences, this technology can assist attendees in finding specific booths or conferences, optimizing their time and experience.
  5. Airports: Airports are large and complex places where indoor people guidance can be crucial for travelers to reach their departure gates on time and find important services.
  6. Geomarketing: Businesses can use indoor people guidance to gather data on consumer behavior and effectively adapt marketing strategies.

Sileme: The ultimate technological solution

Unlike other traditional technologies, Sileme is designed to overcome any obstacles that could affect indoor location signal, with maximum accuracy and no shielding. Because of this, it is a solution that allows locating and guiding people independently of the presence of metallic objects, the existence or absence of line of sight, and the complexity of internal structures.

In terms of accessibility, this precision allows us to offer personalized and tailored solutions for blind or visually impaired individuals. In addition, the Sileme mobile app includes voice instructions, vibrations, and on-screen alerts, and is also compatible with braille displays. This makes Sileme a perfect tool to make facilities more inclusive and facilitate access and guidance for people with vision impairments in all types of spaces.

For all these reasons, and its adaptability to people with vision impairments, Sileme has endless possibilities for indoor location and can be used in all kinds of facilities.

In summary, indoor people guidance through technologies like Sileme offers numerous opportunities to improve accessibility and user experience in a wide range of environments. As this technology continues to evolve, we can expect a more inclusive and efficient future for everyone.

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