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Cost and equipment savings in avionics testing

31 August 2023
Aerospace testing is essential to ensure that each component and system functions properly and meets safety standards. However, these tests come with challenges, particularly in terms of cost, logistics, and risk associated with avionics testing. This is where a disruptive technology comes into play: the Mini-Multi Interface Box Simulator, or MMIBS. In this article, we will delve into how the MMIBS is revolutionizing aerospace testing by saving costs and equipment while maintaining a focus on safety and performance.

What is the MMIBS and how does it save costs and equipment in aerospace testing?

The MMIBS is a portable device designed by Skylife that conducts tests and trials of embedded systems by simulating inputs and outputs using major interfaces and protocols in the aerospace industry. This enables engineers and technicians to simulate a wide range of flight conditions and operational scenarios with a single device. In this way, processes are significantly streamlined, reducing time and costs and expediting the setup of tests and simulations.

Benefits of MMIBS:

  1. Increased efficiency: with MMIBS, the testing process can be expedited by conducting test cycles in a controlled environment, resulting in quicker results.
  2. Reliability: by eliminating human intervention in certain checks and using sensors to measure various parameters, measurement accuracy is ensured, and potential errors in result recording are eliminated.
  3. Repeatability: by automating a test, it ensures that it can be repeated numerous times under the same conditions.
  4. Traceability: automated data processing enables information storage in databases, facilitating later access to results, incidents during tests, operators responsible for execution, the engineers who designed them, and the aircraft on which they were carried out.
  5. Error prediction and maintenance optimization: data mining techniques can also be applied for analysis. Proper application of these techniques can provide statistics that help identify the most recurring or costly issues, evaluate strategies to mitigate such failures, improve processes, and more. They can also be used to anticipate errors and optimize maintenance of testing equipment and tools, resulting in considerable savings in quality costs.
  6. Expense reduction: it reduces the number of required equipment and logistical needs for repetitive testing, leading to significant cost savings.
  7. Equipment reduction: thanks to a single device that handles major interfaces and protocols in the aerospace industry.
  8. Logistical reduction: MMIBS integrates various simulation and testing systems into a single system.
  9. Safety: flight tests always carry certain risks; through MMIBS, sufficient simulated tests can ensure process quality and safety.

MMIBS as a Pillar of Progress in Aerospace

In summary, MMIBS plays a crucial role in saving costs and equipment in aerospace testing. By providing a controlled and efficient environment for testing, MMIBS is revolutionizing how the aerospace industry assesses and validates its systems. With its ability to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and improve safety, it becomes an invaluable tool in the aerospace industry's innovation arsenal.

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